Pro-Chino is a Patented high protein-enriched Cappuccino coffee-time snack.  Pro-Chino is in the form of a heat resistant hydrolysed whey protein isolate which does not lose any of its nutritional value during the process of adding boiling water to make your favourite Cappuccino drink. Pro-Chino evenly froths to give you that rich foamy taste sensation. The heat resistant highly functional whey protein isolate is derived from sweet dairy whey, manufactured by a special cross-flow filtration process and isolated via a proprietary fractionation process.
Pro-Chino can form part of a weight management regimen and is a source of good fats, protein and carbohydrates.

The Guilt free anytime, anywhere, protein kick in a cup!
Uniqueness of Pro-chino:
  1. Heat resistant whey isolate as Protein source.
  2. Full 19 amino’s are available for absorption.
  3. Less than 0.02% lactose.
  4. Bio-availability -97% Absorbed in 20 min  - Ideal for Pre- and Post-workout.
  5. Very low GI – less than 11 on the glycemic index! DIABETES friendly.
  6. Trans fat and cholesterol and gluten and GMO free!
  7. Safe to be used by kids.
  8. NO Cain sugar added.
  9. Do you LOVE your COFFEE but skip breakfast – PRO-CHINO your healthy option for a early kick start to your day!

Pro-Chino is a combination of heat resistant whey protein isolate and Cappuccino for use as a guilt free meal supplement coffee-time snack.

High Protein: Heat resistant whey protein isolate.
Pro-Chino contains 10.6g of high biological value of heat resistant whey protein isolate. Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate is the highest form of quality protein powder when it comes to building muscle, ensuring recovery and losing weight. Whey protein isolate provides nutritional support for improved lean body composition and is high in bioavailability.   

Coffee-time snack: Cappuccino
Pro-Chino frothy Cappuccino contains caffeine which is the most commonly consumed energy booster. Caffeine is one of the most popular supplements used in the world today with 90 percent of adults consuming it daily. Once ingested, caffeine gets completely absorbed by the body within 45 minutes and produces a range of physiological effects. These effects include increases in energy, heightened mental alertness, elevated mood, decreased fatigue, enhanced performance, fat mobilization and oxidation. Caffeine’s stimulant properties have also been shown to boost muscular endurance and strength, delay the onset of muscle soreness during exercise and improve focus and concentration. It can also help boost metabolism and reduce hunger.